čtvrtek 16. února 2017

Why are we doing this - KITAP? Why did we establish this NGO - KITAP?

We are often being asked - why are you doing this? why did you establish this KITAP NGO? Are you  paid for that?
And when we answer - we do not have any financing resources, except ourselves pockets, people get shocked.
But seriously, why do we do this?...
... for many years people are trying to understand each other, to know the thoughts of each other, to speake one language (just remember the Babylon tower)... We are learning languages, history, culture, we are trying to wear same clothes (who does not know - jeans?)... We listen same music, and trying to share it with everyone... We are watching films, and trying to make something similar... We are trying to get closer to each other - all the integration processes you see around  (how to not mention the European Union, African Union or even the former Soviet Union)...Isn't it good to be unified? To be all together? Share common values and goodness?... Is it possible? Or it is utopy?
On the other side, remember Orwell's 1984, Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 , Zamyatin's "Us" - the description authors used to show - what does it mean, to be the equal, to be the same... Gray clothing, dark future, sad faces...

You might ask, but in our democratic society, shouldn't we be equal and same? A little remark - we should be equal and same in our rights and obligations, but WE ARE DIFFERENT! Our values will never be common and similar, our culture and traditions is always based on something else, our perception of the goodness depends on our mentality. UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - proclaims the necessity of the cultural world heritage on the global level. The EU's motto - "unity in diversity" is the direction of the community. There are plenty of regional organizations, which are trying to save the cultural heritage, wealth of traditions and specifics of each nation. 

We, KITAP, are trying to share with you Tatar and Turkic culture, to show you the brightness of the Turkic nations, to initiate the intercultural dialogue in order to share the common - respect towards each other, tolerance, and inspiration for the future. We are different, but in some points we are the same - we are people. We love, we hate, we laugh, we cry, we curse, we sympathize, we learn. By knowing the cultural differences - we develop, we become better.
Why are we doing this? We want us all together be smarter, brighter, more developed and inspired for peace, understanding, future. 
Come to our events, participate in them, be part of us, learn from the book, or as Turkic people say -KITAP... 

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